Our Current Lunch Specials

We want you to have the best experience ever when you come to our cafe. This is why we offer three delicious lunch specials each day.

Our first lunch special is our deluxe all-beef bacon cheeseburger. The burger is topped with the finest cheese made locally in Wisconsin and tastes simply amazing. Our beef patty is made from all natural beef weighing in at 3/4 pound. The bacon used on this delicious burger has been smoked for 24 consecutive hours and is as fresh as possible. This lunch special comes with a side of your choice of french fries or potato salad. Our french fries are made fresh each and every single day. Our potato salad is simply the best if we say so ourselves. It has the perfect balance of seasonings and can be ordered at any time during the day. You will also receive a drink at no extra charge when you purchase our lunch specials. We have a wide variety of soft drinks and juices that you are sure to love.

We also have a chicken fried steak lunch special. We hand bread our chicken fried steaks each day using our special blend of flour and seasonings creating the perfect balance of flavor. We use beef of the highest quality to ensure that our chicken fried steaks are the best around. We top the steak with our delicious handmade country gravy. This lunch special comes with a yeast roll and your choice of sides including Macaroni and cheese and Mashed potatoes. Our macaroni and cheese are unlike anyone else’s as we use an old family recipe that is simply delicious as it has been used for generation and generations. Our mashed potatoes are also made by hand we combine potatoes with garlic to create out of this world mashed potatoes that are to please even the pickiest of guests. We also offer your choice of beverage with this lunch special. We have a wide variety of both of soft drinks and juices.

Our last lunch special is our grilled cheese. We take texas toast and toast it on both sides to give you a crunchy, yet delicious bread. We then take two pieces of the finest Wisconsin cheese and melt them between the two slices of bread. The sides we offer with this combo are a pickle or a serving of fries. We pickle our pickles are self within the restaurant giving them a delicious zesty flavor. Our fries are also mde by hand each day. This lunch special also comes with your choice of beverage. We have a huge variety of both sodas and juices.

C’mon in and Enjoy our Awesome Atmosphere!